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Fiona Rudin (she/her) is a theater producer and investor.


Fiona is a lifelong lover of art and culture, dedicated to supporting and encouraging artists to dream big. Over the past 7 years, she has turned her passion for theater – with a particular eye toward championing emerging talent and under-represented voices – into a career as a producer and investor. In addition to supporting a broad range of theatrical production, Fiona dedicates her time and energy to New 42 – the parent organization to The New Victory Theater, New 42 Studios and The Duke Theater, where she serves as Chairman of the Board.  



In 2014, Fiona began investing in commercial theatrical productions with history-making Broadway sensation Hamilton: An American Musical. Soon after, she invested in a number of other commercially and critically successful projects, among them: Network, Moulin Rouge, The Ferryman, What the Constitution Means to Me; and, as a co-producer for the immersive production of Tooting Art’s Club Sweeney Todd at the former Barrow Street Theater. In 2018, Fiona made her film debut as an Executive Producer of the award-winning film Humor Me, currently streaming on Amazon.

Currently, Fiona Rudin is a lead producer, with P3 Productions, on a breakthrough new musical Gun & Powder, which premiered at the Signature Theatre in Arlington, Virginia in February 2020. Acclaimed by critics as “exhilarating” (Washington Post) and “a provocative stunner” (DC Metro Theater Arts), Gun & Powder captured sold-out audiences and won widespread praise. 

In addition, she is developing the following new musicals: How To Dance In Ohio (Lead Producer with P3 Productions), The Suffragists (Co-Producer with Lead Producers Jill Furman and Rachel Sussman, developed at The Public Theater), The Secret Life of Bees (Co-Producer with Sally Horchow Productions) and The Outsiders (Co-Producer, developed at The Goodman Theater).



*A full production list is available upon request



Executive Producer


"Humor Me will humor you — and then some. It's one of the best films of its kind, along with Albert Brooks' "Mother" and "In Her Shoes," in which a floundering adult gets back on track with help from a senior-age parent (or grandparent). If writer-director Sam Hoffman's charming, well-performed tale feels at all familiar, it's territory worth revisiting." - Los Angeles Times


Prior to her career in theater, Fiona worked in the contemporary art world as a dealer and Gallery Director.  Upon starting a family, she continued to work as an independent art dealer, and later, as an angel investor. She was an early investor in: Juice Press, Tempo Automation, KromaBroadway Roulette, and QED, among many others. 



West 42nd Street: We Can Be Heroes  
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Amy Schumer, Jessica Seinfeld And Gwyneth Paltrow Are Backing Kroma in Forbes
"Gun & Powder" in The Washington Post


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